Success Stories – Fitness 19 Locally Owned and Operated

Fitness 19 photo 3Fitness 19 photo 1Fitness 19 photos 2

Fitness 19 Operator Jason Miller is a PERFECT match for this franchise. I return to my van after an eye exam when I spot the bright red Fitness 19 car in the lot. NO ONE can possibly miss this car with its bright color and logo placement. As Jason and I talk, it is clear that he works out regularly. His passion for exercise speaks for itself. Isn’t that the kind of person one would expect to run a fitness business? Visit at the Arlington Heights location. Tons of information is available.

More than a passion for fitness, Jason and other owner operators must assemble quality driven, high integrity teams with an emphasis on maintaining a clean, safe and comfortable environment for all. While franchisees may prefer to have partners or silent partners, this situation demands a hands on approach. Franchise opportunites are attractive due to the overall package offered. In particular, the building, physical equipment, design, brand, policies and procedures, etc. The car is the clincher. Colorful and memorable, it compliments the whole package.

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