Success Stories – Suburban Wheel Cover

As Seen In Traffic

As Seen In Traffic

Suburban Wheel Cover, in business about 35 years in the greater Chicago area, is a prime example of a company successfully using vehicles to operate its business. National and international customers can choose from a wide range of products including car and truck wheels, hub caps, tail lights, tire covers, trim rings and floor mats. Credit cards and Pay Pal are payment options. Then there’s EBAY for die hard shoppers. To find out more, visit

How would anyone know about Suburban Wheel Cover or their vast array of products? Perhaps an internet search engine. A referral from a respected source? OR the way I found out, by sitting behind their van in traffic as I was driving through Chicago headed north. I must admit that their vans are clean in appearance and easy to read with a well defined logo. Most definitely eye catching. Not too busy looking and well maintained. Plainly displayed contact information was at license plate level. That alone would make me want to know more about them.

The message here is that quality counts. In my “book”, doing business with a well run business is good business.

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