Success Stories – What Do You Have In Common With A Hypnotist?

Got More Issues?

Got More Issues?

Got Issues?

Got Issues?

If you drive a mid-sized passenger car, I’d say you have a lot in common with Board Certified Hypnotist Art Leidecker. At least when it comes to driving. Art’s expertise spans many areas of the human condition with years of experience addressing chronic issues such as fear and pain. Find Art at There, you will learn more about hypnosis and self hypnosis.

But why would a hypnotist wrap his windows with his contact information?
PRIME REAL ESTATE. Car windows are in the sight line of most drivers. Advertising on vehicle windows performs like a calling card. Do all professionals or career people need to advertise in this manner? Consider the specialty, product or service. Art Leidecker is one in a million. His life’s work can benefit people by spreading the word in traffic and parking lots. In other words, his car announces his expertise and contact information in a non-threatening way.

Will this work for you in your business?

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