Can a driving “time-out” save your life?

Local and distance driving is unpredictable, even under the best circumstances. As the prepared, “safety first” driver you are, no doubt you’ve made a well thought out list of must-haves…snacks, GPS, first aid kit, bottled water, change of clothes, and insulated cooler, to name a few. You’re well rested, behind the wheel. You limit your distractions, staying laser focused on the road.

After an hour, you take your first bathroom “break”, text, check messages, make calls, back in the car.

Drive another hour, then repeat. Another hour, repeat.

Is this your idea of a driving “time-out”? Have you adequately rested while texting, emailing, calling? Perhaps a nice walk or stretch to improve circulation? A change of scenery? What’s at stake is your life and the life of your passengers. You’re worth it.

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